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.d. her performance will be shown on "good morning america" on tuesday, but we have a sneak preview for you. >> reporter: fans lined up at midnight. some even camped out at civic center plaza. >> brittani, you are my -- >> sky 7hd gives you an idea how many people waited to see brittney in the flesh. >> so exciting. san francisco is on fire. >> so excited. >> reporter: once the doors opened, it took 90 minutes to fill the civic auditorium. "good morning america"'s robin roberts were right behind the fans as brittney was getting ready to debut her new c.d. >> not a psychology major but what attracts so many people to brittney spears. >> she is what she is and she has been through the ups and downs and always comes out though upside of it. >> reporter: we're told be can only show her singing one song. we're not allowed to give it all away. if you want to watch the entire concert, got to watch "good morning america" on tuesday. [cheering] >> amazing. cheering cheering >> some thought the pop star was perhaps a little rusty. >> definitely not dancing as much as we would want her to be d
'll be doing so as a devoted and passionate advocate for america, the country where i was born and raised. >> the job is one of the most important diplomatic jobs in government because of america's complex and sometimes strained ties with asia. john huntsman, the out governor is exploring a possible presidential run against president obama. >> the commander in chief's latest command: stand up against bullying. >> because putting a stop to bullying is a responsibility we all share. >> president and mrs. obama are fighting back against an alarming trend affecting every student in america. >> claims it encourages athlete >> one of america's most promine prominent journalists for half a century decide. he won a pulitzer prize for the watergate scandal in 1973 that led to president nixon's resignation. he detected political trends early. he was a regular contributor on talk shows. >> farm workers are protesting the sentencing for two of the three defendants charged in the death of a 17-year-old farm worker who was two months' pregnant. the judge approved the deal in the stockton court today.
florida's new congressman rocked the house at cpac this year... this is the dawn of a new america. he says he knows what's wrong with national security... it talks more about global warming and climate change. and healthcare... ten pages are worth keeping the other 2,490 need to be scrapped... and washington... we tried this big government, liberal progressive agenda for 2 years. allen west headed for republican rock star status? on the "700  >>> also celebrated the ground breaking of the community's first public high school in more than 30 years. >> two, one! >> the new campus on garden street eventually will serve students who attend classes currently in a converted warehouse. the phoenix academy chatter school. all its graduating seniors were accepted into four-year colleges. >> to bring a public high school back to east palo alto is just an enormous achievement. we're happy to partner with both districts as well as our parents and families to bring a high-quality school option to get all these kids to college and beyond. >> the new campus will cost $13 m
star sat down with good morning america. it has been a challenging year and a half for woods. he crashed his suv in florida in november of 2009, and that lead to the revelations about several extramarital affairs and eventually a divorce from his wiewf, elin. woods says being a single father is tough, but he enjoys it. >> i just love being with them and seeing what they are doing and what they are capable of doing. the shifts of interest. that's what is fun. we have a great time together, and that's what is the most important. family is first. that's the way it was when i was growing up. my family, my mom and dad, were always there and always present for me. that's what i am with my kids now. >> as for golf, woods is working on getting his game back on track. he hasn't won a major event in nearly three years. woods says his goal is to reclaim his spot as the number one golfer in the world. >>> if you are a golfer it has been tough for you this week finding time when it is not wet. >> and it is not getting any better. today could be a good day to go outside. another storm is comin
's easier than you think, because general mills big g line of cereals is america's number one source of whole grain at breakfast. there's whole grain in every box... ♪ ...from chex... to cheerios... to lucky charms. so you can get the whole grain you want with the taste you love. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals. make sure to look for the white check. >>> welcome back on this saturday morning, about 8:19 right now. i just love it. it's mild. it's really nice out overall. no traffic or air rain delays or flight delays to report right now. enjoy it while you can. changes are on the way. meteorologist kristine hanson is in for lisa argen. hi, nice to see you. >> and you can see the clouds, it looks like it may be cool outside and mid to upper 60s, maybe 70 in some spots. so we have this moving you can tell it's coming in from hawaii. let's go outside. gorgeous day on the slopes. no problems getting up and down road wise. the snow is fresh and crisp and in the teens and 20s. and downtown san francisco, pretty day as i mentioned. we've got s
the private seg for added 200,000 jobs in march. chief executive says the majority of america's largest companies plans to increase hiring in the sex six months. silicon valley companies are in a hiring frenzy. companies like google, facebook and twitter are hiring on a rapid pace. they say this kind of hiring hasn't happened since early 2000. state of california added nearly 100,000 jobs mainly due to the tech industry. that reduced the unemployment rate to 12.2% in february. >> kristen: a neighborhood in hercules is putting a barricade up hoping to protect homes from a hillside collapse. they declared a state of emergency as couple homes are the only thing holding up a crumbling hill. >> reporter: they are counsel instructing it but check how far it stretches down carson street. they hope that will catch any mud that comes crashing down. it's gorgeous today but authorities are still very worried. >>> water is rushing out of the soggy hillside. even though it hasn't rained in two days. looking at all this water you would think today's dry weather would be a welcome relief. think again.
-fire. it could be a rebel fighter jet there are reports. before leaving for south america, president obama issued an ultimatum from the white house, warning gaddafi that an including establishing a he no ply zone over libya. >> left uncheck we have every reason to believe that gaddafi would commit atrocities to his people and thousands would day. the a humanitarian crisis would ensue and the entire reason could be destabilized endangers our allies and partners. >> and the president said the u.s. ground forces would not be involved in any ground action in libya. to the latest news in japan. japanese officials say radioactive iodine has been detected in tokoyo drinking water as well as other areas and japan's government says that spinach and milk taken from farms 20 miles from crippled nuclear plants have radiation 20 times above the limit. and the water trucks are now pumping sea water directly on to unit three to keep it from a total meltdown and crews are working to try and reconnect four of the six reactors to japan's power grid by today or tomorrow. and a
.m. >> today on oprah at 4:00, meredith baxter, america's favorite tv mom of the 80s. then at 5:00 ibuprofen may work on more than just aches and pain. those stories and more later today at 5:00. >> one books, two books, why not read a few books. consider that rhyming advice dr. seuss would have been proud of on his national read across america day. >> schools across the bay area hold events with part of today's celebration. >> among the stars that turned out soccer legend brandy chasetain and tim ryan. >> it's in an effort to encourage all children to read. >> dr. seuss would have turned 107 today. gotta love all those cats, right! i'm a little hungry. >> interesting. >> all right. that's gonna do it for us. thanks so much for joining us. >> 
.d., and today's performance will be shown on "good morning america" on tuesday. but abc-7 has a sneak preview for us. >> reporter: from down below or high above sky 7hd, you felt the excitement of the fans waiting anxiously for britney spears to arrive. >> i'm so excited. >> hit me baby one more time. >> reporter: some were here since midnight, honestly, what do you talk about while standing in line? >> talk about britney spears, her good and bad, melt downs, what she has been through, her videos and favorite songs. >> reporter: people came from as far as brazil to hear her new song. >> i come here to see her. >> reporter: the miniconcert was free. tickets sold in less than 15 minutes. it took much longer to fill the bill graham auditorium, and rob robin roberts hosted the event. >> her music is good. i feel like i'm on american bandstand. i think it's her. i think she is one that people full for. >> i'm a classic brittney guy. >> he says, i am. dr. seuss would be proud, and many are proud to be called a britner fan. >> are you a fan? >> i am. i'm so excited. i almost cry when i say it. >> we
could make things worse. >> i don't want them to be able to stand up and claim, we told you, america is at war with islam. that's one of the main recruiting arguments. >> alan: more than 100 enter faith, nonprofit, and governmentality organizations protested the hearing. another group held a rally in support of king's hearing. >>> senator dianne feinstein and three other u.s. senators are asking immigration officials for an immediate crack dowb -- crackdown on the use of illegal visas by sham universities. it allows terrorists to illegal enter the united states. one university in pleasant ton, more than 1500 students enrolled. she says the schools are a clear and immediate threat to our national security. >>> up next, we're not out of the clouds just yet. leigh glaser coming up to tell us more about our forecast. rick: coming up in sports, tim lincecum was on the mound. we show you how he did. >> alan: the space shuttleshutle has bid farewell to the international space station for the final time. it was the last voyage into spas. the two crews said goodbye after more than a week toge
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called me. she is in japan. i think it is your sister. she said please tell my younger sister in america we all survived. >> that's her sister holding the sign. she is now using the internet to let her relatives know she received their mess seeming and is thankful to them for thinking of her when they are dealing with this tragedy. >>> dozens of california students studying in japan are ordered to return to the u.s. yesterday the california state university chancellor sent a memo to the system's schools that directs them to bring back the 65 students studying in japan. that includes a dozen san francisco state students. the schools are also being asked to help japanese international students studying here to get back home. stanford says all 35 of its students studying in japan are also on their way home. the uc schools are not yet asking their study abroad students to return home. >>> the university of california schools are facing tough cuts that could affect hundreds of thousands of students and staff across the state. they are letting uc administrators know how they feel about the fac
for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> a new maneuver in the debate over immigration. most of the topics have been focused on illegal immigrants but one person says it's time to stop the flow of foreigners that live here legally, that is about a million a year. >> now that so many californians are out of work, how about the millions of illegal workers in the state. but what about these workers? legal foreign workers. >> the ad is targeting roman the software worker has a green card that entitles him to permanent residency here. >> the group behind the ad is californians for population stabilization. they have long battled illegal immigration but with the unemployment rate at very high they are shifting the dialogue. >> we don't think it makes sense for the federal government to bring in more workers to compete with americans who desperately need jobs. >> they represent employers that recruit highly skilled temporary foreign workers. they are prevalent in the silicon valley. about 65,000 are allo
to dan, he's live in new york. what's coming up in "good morning america." >> if it was 60s here i'd put on an inappropriate neighborhood and walk through the neighborhood. i'm very jealous. >> i'm sure people would like to do that. >> horrify people. a question looming over the entire american economy. are we in rebound right now or relapse. unemployment has gone down raising hopes the job market might finally be turning around but on the other hand gas prices continue to soar. could that kill the recovery. a whole crew of reporters on this story this morning. and then two workers dangling hundreds of feet above the ground. check this out. they're on the side of a high rise building after scaffolding collapsed beneath them. firemen rappelled them to safety and it was caught on tape. we'll show you that. the former and perhaps future presidential candidate mike huckabee criticizing the recent oscar winner suggesting her out of wedlock pregnancy. what is the most wanted job in britain these days? turns out it is playing prince william and kate. you will not believe how much these imperson
of the highlights of his message to america. >> we're not putting any ground forces into libya. our military has provided unique capabilities at the beginning but this is a broad international effort. our allies and partners are enforcing the no-fly zone over libya and the arms embargo at sea. qatar and the united arab i am rats have agreed the responsibility is transferred from the united states to our partners. >> the president has been getting criticism for members of congress for not consulting with them. >> libyan rebels have regained control of the eastern city. a gateway to libya's oil fields. the rebels were on verge of defeat until coalition air support turned things around. it was the fall of the city that spurred the u.n. resolution authorizing international intervention which begin a week ago. a 12-year-old boy, you can see here, hides his tears, while his father describes the situation when the city was under siege by government troops. >> we were driving and the rounds were landing around us. rockets were hitting our roof. we saw bodies in the streets but no one can bury them, not
. >> two cargo planes landed in north america tunisia delivering humanitarian supplies for thousands of workers along the border. kristine hanson. wow, all you have to look out. >> i know. >> we're soblgd in. >> not only do we have the rain but the fog coupled with rain. an area of roadways, here is a live picture from camera in emeryville and snow in the mountains. chain requirements and update where it's range at this hour. >> thank you -- raining this hours. >> and surprise homecoming for a serviceman returning from afghanistan with a story of bravery and compassion. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> welcome back. it's 9:16. an update on the bay bridge back up. lower deck remains virtually blocked by a big rig crash. this is a live picture. very hard to see because of all that fog, but there is safeway big rig that three right lanes blocked heading out of san francisco. traffic is only getting by on one left lane. chp says it won't be cleared up until 1:00 this morning because fuel is leaking from that rig. caltrans is sending sand tracks to add tracti
to stabbed up and claim, we told you america is at war with islam. that's one of the main recouth arguments. >> alan: more than 100 interfaith, nonprofit, and governmental organizations protested the hearing, say it demonizes islam americans. >> reading the republican tea leaves. some to potential counties off -- potential candidates off to the races? >> alan: this could turn out to be a key week in the 2012 presidential race. potential g.o.p. contenders appear to be making steps but no one has made an official move yesterday. republicans are playing a waiting game. >> reporter: last night in new hampshire, rom mitt romney certainly sounded like a presidential candidate. >> it's going to take more than a good speech and rhetoric to get americans back to work. it's going to take a new president of the united states. >> reporter: and defending the healthcare law he put into place in massachusetts, while blasting president obama. and when newt gingrich hits the highway, he will look like a presidential candidate. and others are testing the waters, too mike huckabee, sara palin, and tim pawlent
her to change plans. it will air on tuesday's "good morning america" to coincide with the release of her new album. 5,000 tickets with offered last week. they were snapped up within five minutes. i bet you will see a lot of britney spears look alikes out there. >> this little rainmaker is going to sweep on through in san francisco. few sprinkles but the actual front is not going to push on through. so we have rays of sunshine and increasing clouds and a chance of rain by noontime throughout the afternoon and even into the evening hours. then we clear out. we're warming up again tomorrow and much warmer with an offshore flow, back to where we should be. >> can we handle it? >> that is going to do it for us. we're off early because of the grand prix of st. petersburg. i'm carolyn tyler, with lisa argen have a great sunday everyone.
people. >> the mayor is expected to release america's cup transportation plan to host the yacht races. he envisions a new street car line. street closures along the waterfront and modified muni transits. he is promising bicycle and pedestrian friendly ways through the city. >> still ahead, consumer alert. a government warning about the dangers new activity called water walking. >> and new blow to moammar gadhafi's g for deals these days,not g about saving a dollar off shampoo or two-for-one tacos or something. i'm talking about paying less -- every month. like this deal. [ female announcer ] call today and get the fastest internet for the price -- an amazing $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. plus get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network at no extra cost. [ woman ] with at&t, i'm surfing at hot spots all over town. ♪ i'm downloading music fast. and watching videos. cute! and the price is great. [ female announcer ] call at&t today and get the fastest internet for the price -- an amazing $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee.
? is man really basically good? and then... there's two goals for america; one is to bring people to a saving knowledge of christ, secondly, to preserve the freedom to do the first one. next time on... ♪ >>> a wandering recall of 50,000 cars. the japanese auto makers recalling mazda cars from the 2009-2010 years. a spider could leave a web connected to the fuel tank system and clog the tank's ventilation and pressure could lead to a crack causing a fuel leak and risk of fire. one of the cases a spider was found, a spider web was found in that vent. >> here's a wonderful story. an oklahoma puppy has adoption offers from around the country this morning after beating the odds and surviving euthanasia. three months old wally has a new lease on life, a story considered a week and a half ago he was put down at an animal shelter because he was so sick. he received two lethal doses of a sedative and vets put him in a dumpster but the next morning they found him alive and well and named him wally, the movie robot who was the last of his kind. >> valley phenomenal. i can't believe that st
the scenes on "good morning america" this morning. it was triggered after a question about the girlfriend rihanna. >> the restraining order that rihanna had issued has been relaxed. have you all gone to events and be the same room, have you seen each other? >> i mean, i mean not really not a big deal to me. >> she wasn't true trying to set him up. he is on probation after hitting rihanna. he apparently smashed a window in a dressing room and confronted a producer on his way out of the building. he was on gma to promote his new album. >> mike nicco has the forecast. >> let's take a look outside and show? non-raining area. marin headlands from mount sutro. we have a lot of rain in the forecast over the next couple of days. more in the extended also. >> water, water everywhere. that is the story. what caused a traffic headache in southern california. >> and finalizing wedding plans, [ male announcer ] if you're ready for more from y get at&t u-verse today. at&t u-verse tv. make the switch! [ female announcer ] call at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $29 a month for six months -- hd-
dramatically. experts on "good morning america" say the situation appears headed to the catastrophe. >> i think we're close to the point of return. if i had the ear of a japanese prime minister, i would exercise the chernobyl action, put the japanese air force on standby. assemble a fleet of helicopters, get sand and concrete to sandbag the reactors. >> despite the situation in japan, right now there is no direct threat of radiation going to the u.s. you can see hillary clinton met with the foreign minister at a g-8 summit. >> japan is a generous donor to any disaster in the world. the world comes together to support japan in its hour of need. >> eight more experts from the nuclear regulatory commission are on their way to japan, meantime, the navy says more of their crew members were exposed to exposed to very low levels of radiation and had to be decontaminated after delivering food, water and blankets. despite assurance that radiation from japan is highly unlikely to reach the west coast. they local pharmacies have run out of potassium iodide. >> to inject that, the thyroid gland will put yo
the past 15 years because of unrest, disease and poverty. he talked on "good morning america" today. >> not really here asking for a big piece of money. that's not the idea. the idea is we've got this giant tragedy. a lot of this can be addressed by simply focusing on the issue. >> he's calling on president obama to appoint a special representative to help the country coordinate its strategy for recovery. >> prince william and fiancÉe kate middleton made their official trip to ireland today before their wedding. hundreds gathered outside to get a glimpse of the royal couple. william and kate spent time greeting the crowds and check this out they were cheered as they took turns flipping pa >> today on oprah at 4:00, former president george w. bush on his most difficult decisions in the white house. at 5:00, the threat facing the recycling program in one of the bay area's greenest cities and how online websites put their sites on going upscale. we'll have those stories and more later today at 5:00. >> that's it for now. maybe we should get a little frenc
. >> while the u.s. is leading the front end of the attack, president obama wants america to be seen as part of a coalition, and the commander-in-chief used the words coalition and international five times each. >> alan: the u.s. is temporarily leading the coalition of nations, focusing on disabling libyan air defenses. >> back home, a noxious chemical leak caused a scare in a san jose neighborhood. residents were urged to stay indoors near a water treatment plant on gray stone alive. lisa amin gulezian is there live where residents have been given the all-clear. >> lisa: we're here at one of santa clara valley water district's treatment plants and this morning a worker noticed a tank that holds ammonia was leaking, and it holds amoanat -- ammonia that would be used in the water treatment plant. none of the ammonia escaped a secondary holding unit. still at 11:30 this morning, san jose police went door-to-door knocking on roughly 40 homes, warning residents of the leak and possible ammonia exposure. everyone was told to stay inside. >> inhaling a large amount of ammonia and having that expos
the u.s. is leading the front end of the attack, president obama wants america to be seen as part of a coalition. he used the words coalition and international five times each in a speech today. >> alan: japanese officials believe the crisis at the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant appears to be stable yiegz but they point out it is far from resolved. crews have doused the overheated reactor with uranium full fuel with a steady stream of water. americans are heading home from japan. >> i'm close enough to the power plant where i thought i was far enough away. when they said 80, and i fell right into that zone. so i didn't choose stay. >> alan: traces of radiation have been found in milk and spinach from farms within 70 miles of the plant. but health officials say they pose no threat. and uc berkeley is gather signs of radioactivity at its department. trace amounts of radioactive iodine and other chemicals were reported. the elements do not naturally occur and are assumed to have originated from the talk -- fukushima site. >> cleanup crews stayed on shore after the storm churn
will reach south america and even antarctica. we're still under a warning. they'll cancel it eventually but it looks like we have about two more hours of surges. our forecast, partly to most cloudy. lose an hour sleep, change the batteries in your smoke detectors. the rain back in the forecast for most of us. tomorrow morning you see clouds. rain possible tomorrow and even some of the drizzle developing down into the bay. then we get a little break sunday night and then sunday morning another surge comes in and all of us get wet. one behind that comes in sunday night and into the morning. temperatures will remain rather mild. low 60s today around the bay and inland with upper 50s along the coast. then we'll have i'd say near to 60 degree temperatures along the coast and mid to upper 60s for the rest of us and a better chance of rain tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> stick around. we'll be right back.  (speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel  ♪very creature in the world. (applause) >
in america. >> the bay area group singled out is known as care. those hearings are anti-muslim. jenelle joins us with more. >> republican congressman peter king is leading this hearing. he's also the chair of the house homeland security committee. in his opening statements he condemns the national care organization accusing it of aiding in the radicalzation of the muslim americans, a problem he says is at its highest level since 9/11. no one was around at care's offices in santa clara with you this morning its spokesperson out of new y york reaeacted too congressmaman's p peter king's insinuatioion that thee ororganinization supports terro finanancing in the u u.s. one reasoson? a carere pososter that was foun the bay area. >> named as ununindicted coconsnspiritor in the e case td the holy lanand ffoundatation. leadaders mumust reject discrcr groups s such as care. >> cacare, the c couplple on am islalamic r relatations gaave a for thee poster. . >>>> i don'tt think it says don talk t to the f f.b.i. if they call,, c call us toto h you u understand whahat yoour r arare when confrfronteted b
are not expected to make it to the u.s. "good morning america." >> the earlier signs are intestinal tracks. those can look like a stomach flu and when you have all these people evacuated, they have to sort out the difference. >> there are three factors can put you at greater risk. first proximity. how close are you to the release. intention. how much was released and were there any barriers between you and that radiation. and duration. how long were you exposed. president obama says he continues to be heartbroken by the images of japan's devastation and this morning he made a promise. >> the united states will continue to offer any assistance we can as japan recovers from multiple disasters. and we will stand with the people of japan in the difficult days ahead. >> u.s. military aid is slowly arriving but there was a setback today. the u.s. navy had to move several ships away after low radiation. >> the army corps of years plans to use sonar to locate several boats that sank after the waves hit on friday. one of our photographers went on aride with fish and game officials and assess the damage do
not to a dictator but to the libyan people. >> today on "good morning america" the ambassador to the united nations refuted reports that gadhafi is about to step down but she didn't rule out he could receive ui muint and go into ix cycle. -- immunity and go into exile. diane sawyer will have a one-on-one interview tonight on world news. it airs at 5:30. now, the latest from japan. the prime minister says the situation at the fukushima daiichi plant remains unpredict abld and the country remains in maximum alert. the spread of radiation raising concerns about how to stabilize the plant. toxic plutonium was found outside the facility but so far amounts are too small. a tsunami triggered by a 9.0 earthquake destroyed the power systems needed to control the nuclear fuel rods in the plant. official death toll from the quake has topped 11,000. >> still ahead, we're following breaking news in redwood city where a mountain lion has been cornered at a home near a business intersection. >> and women versus walmart. the biggest job discrimination case ever. >> and serious felony charges the government is cons
a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. >> alan: gas prices continue to inch up in california and across the nation. this morning aaa says the average cost for a gallon of regular is 3.49 nationwide. in california the average is 3.87, and in san francisco 3.92. ouch. [laughter] >> leigh: ouch is right. exactly. a great day. we're talking about it down towards the salinas valley. temperatures in the low 70s. 60s around the bay area. a terrific day. but you can see now from the high definition sutro cam goodbye, and hello clouds, and the live doppler 7hd is picking up light showers developing north of the golden gate bridge. 58 in napa. 58 in san francisco. oakland, 61. concord, antioch, 62. mild in the livermore valley area. 63. and 59 in san jose. so here's a look. rain tomorrow morning tapering to showers. breezy for sunday afternoon. and a much cooler windy day for monday. live doppler 7hd give something nice returns north of the golden gate bridge. santa rosa novato reporting s
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america plants knowing there will be shortages. this man is with the port of oakland. >> short term, there will be delays in shippings coming from japan and longer term, we'll have to see what it's going to take for them in their rebuilding process, how is that going to impact potential increase in imports. >> lincoln doesn't see the amount of u.s. exports to japan rising. in 2010, we exported 3.4 billion worth of goods to japan, mainly meat, fruits and vegetables. >> we buy much more from them than they buy -- buy from us. so i don't think you'd see much of a dent in terms of u.s. exports. >> toyota now says it will resume production of the prius and other hybrids. honda says it cannot assemble cars because of a lack of auto parts. a new gallup poll of likely republican primary voters shows sarah palin's support is fading. just 12% of republicans and republican leaning independents say they would support her in a 2012 white house run. that's down 4% from a month ago. arkansas governor mike huckabee is the favorite with 19% support. massachusetts governor mitt romney is third with
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